AI this week: 7 major developments

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Artificial Intelligence is certainly not the next big thing, in fact, it is the big thing currently. AI has been making waves and has reached people tremendously since Iphone’s Siri came, listening to humans and replying back in a human manner, a thing that amazed people and made scholars find out as to how it can be done, what is the technique, the language behind building it. It is no secret that AI is nothing without data and with Harvard already ruling out in 2012 that Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st century, because of the smartphone, people have a portable computer and a portable internet, so, people digitally excrete large amounts of data from their phones itself, that being said in the current pandemic situation, there is more & more need of AI and it has helped people to some extent to fight the pandemic. 

AI has such demand that there are daily some developments or the other taking place, so, we at datamahadev will be starting out a new section that will be published on a weekly basis that will list out the developments that happened in AI in the past week, here are some of them.

Elon Musk tweeted about his mission for an AI brain chip Neuralink

Elon Musk won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to AI, after the launch of GPT-3 by Open AI(to know about Open AI, click here), read on to find more about it, Musk recently tweeted about his mission related to Neuralink and how it can be possible to insert an AI chip in the human brain and his team at Tesla will be starting out their research-related work on digital intelligence very soon.

Tesla nearing Level 5 of autonomous vehicles

Musk gave a hint that Tesla’s autonomous vehicle is nearing level 5, it looks as if Elon Musk wants all the footage & publicity in the world. In the year 2018, most of the tech enthusiasts remember how he promised that by 2018, self-driving cars(click here to read about their production) will go on the road and by 2020 Robot Taxis will be on the roads serving the customers(click here to read about robot taxis), more than half of 2020 is out of sight.

IIIT Delhi has developed an AI that repositions the existing drugs to treat COVID-19

IIIT Delhi claimed that they have developed an AI that has the ability to repurpose the drug for the treatment of the pandemic. Some primordial examples of drug repositioning are Hydroxychloroquine, Remedisivir, Dexamethasone, etc. There is a database of drugs that can be found on In Layman’s terms, the AI model calculates the analysis between the chemical structures of the drugs and the genomic structures of the virus.

AI predicts which planets will be destroyed

The fate of the solar system can now be predicted with the help of machine learning algorithms. The project involves understanding the dynamics of the celestial/planetary system. The prediction that came out was that some planets will destabilize from their orbits in less than millions of years. The goal of the project was to draw out the instabilities. This project was carried out by D.Tamayo from the National Academy of Sciences, 2020.

White Castle selects Miso Robotics to adapt AI in the food business 

White Castle, a hamburger chain in the US has selected Miso Robotics to adapt autonomous food making AI, to prepare foods for the customers in the restaurant. Miso Robotics has a product named Flippy, which is an AI-based autonomous grill and fries kitchen assistant. The installment of AI in restaurants & bars will certainly boost the productivity of the employees of restaurants & bars and ensure increased customer satisfaction and speed up in the services.

Abacus.AI gets a $13 million Series A funding

RealityEngines.AI now changed their name to Abacus.AI, can be known as rebranding move too, received a Series A funding of $13 million from Index Ventures Mike Volpi, will be joining as a board of directors of the company. Abacus.AI is led by former AWS employee Bindu Reddy.

AI-based fighter Jet

Will we see an AI military in the future? With China announcing its aggressive AI policy until 2030, the USA won’t stay behind in the development of AI warfare and war-machinery. The long-range smart sensors and with technologies like Computer Vision it is very much possible that we will be sharing For more details read the article:


This concludes our short headlines and coverage as to what happened in AI in the past week. Bill Gates recently said that AI will make us more productive and help deliver better results in a quick amount of time. The above headlines and the in-depth short coverage very specifically gives us the very message.


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