Artificial Intelligence: Top 9 Major Updates in 2020

In this post, we list and summarize the news that we published and were trending in 2020.

1. Launch of Deepfakes detector ahead of presidential elections 

In this article, we have discussed how Microsoft is planning to roll out the video authentication under the reality defender 2020 (RD2020) program. This program is going to be very helpful for electoral campaigns and journalists. The main motive of the Deepfakes detector is to counter the misguiding information and rumors broadcasting on the Internet. Let’s honestly wish Microsoft wins in its fight against disinformation and the immoral use of AI.

2. The Pentagon’s Laser Heartbeat Detector: A frenemy?

In this article, we have discussed the Pentagon’s new identification model involving lasers and cardiac signatures. It will be helpful for military insurgence and detecting high-risk people at secret, sensitive, or illegal locations. The new model is told to work on the cardiac signature. Everyone has a unique cardiac signature which is almost impossible to copy or modify for false identification, and this is an advantage for the US Special Forces.

3. How Facebook AI’s Dynabench will Change the Concept of Benchmarking in Machine Learning

In this article, we have discussed how Facebook AI’s Dynabench model can be used for natural language processing tasks. Currently, it is operating on language models alone but may ultimately begin its work on neural networks, like on image recognition models and speech recognition practices. Besides the four NLP tasks, the model is intended to be open to anyone for building their tasks to get human annotators for detecting out flaws in the models.

4. QAnon Explained: A GPT-3 Powered Bot Made by Researchers

This article covers the work of QAnon. The central approach behind this research, according to the researchers, was to find how technology similar this, once plunged into the hands of potential extremists can be practiced to scale up the production of synthetic content for the internet, letting these people with radical political and religious faiths to extend the reach of their ideas.

5. Neuralink Just Made Black Mirror a Reality

This article is about  Neuralink.  Neuralink is progressing to be the largest discovery in the field of neuroscience, allowing humans to interact straight with machines, giving a lift to a generation of actual Cyborgs. This development is remarkably big for some of us. Neuralink is in the initial developmental stage. Some of the brightest minds in the world are working on the plan and it is confirmed organization will seek and address all these concerns.

6. AI Pilot: Deep Reinforcement Learning Might Impact Aviation & Warfare Perpetually

The AI pilot is the biggest discovery in the field of Reinforcement Learning. You won’t believe that an AI pilot (an algorithm implemented by Heron Systems, a US-based company), with a just few periods of practice over computer simulations, destroyed one of the US Air Force’s most established pilots with ages of experience on flying F-16 fighter jets, in a simulated fight that continued for 5 rounds, with 5 perfect wins.

7. NVIDIA to Support Healthcare by Creating a Supercomputer- Cambridge-1

NVIDIA has declared the launch of the UK’s fastest supercomputer, considering the requirement for proper concentration on healthcare. Cambridge-1 will help world-class researchers besides giving great in field exposure to the future generations.AI groups combine the use of genomic and genetic data for the betterment of treatment design, expecting to deploy GSK with GPU optimization and advancement tools like NVIDIA Clara giving a path to Cambridge-1. 

8.LinkedIn Pensieve: A Deep Supervised Learning Embedding Feature

In this article we have discussed Facebook’s M2M-100, this is the model that helps translate in multiple ways for a wide number of languages with efficiency like never done before. This model processes even those languages with minor resources making this an advanced development for language processing. The M2M-100 model can accurately interpret among 9,900 directions for 100 languages using the bridge communication strategy, resulting in a better way than all those that existed already. 

9. Massachusetts based AI startup identifies COVID-19 through your poop

In this article, we have covered how the MIT based AI startup, named Biobot Analytics has initiated a new action to trace COVID-19 through the waste matter of humans. The work is going on now, i.e Biobot, MIT, and Harvard are urging the communities to meet the costs of the sampling kits which are sent back after being accumulated for testing. 


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