Data Mining vs Web Scraping


Many times, we are often confused between web scraping and data mining. People consider them as synonyms of each other, but they have a completely different meaning. That’s why we wished to write down a brief regarding it. We hope this brief will help in removing the confusion of the people who are seeking information relating to this topic.

First, let’s see both the topics separately. 

Data Mining

Data mining is outlined as a method used to extract usable information from a vast set of any raw data. It implies analyzing data or information patterns in massive batches of data using one or more software. It aims at extracting information from desired websites and turning it into comprehensible frameworks for further use.

Data mining has applications in various fields, like science, analysis, and research. As the associate application of data mining, businesses could learn many additional things regarding their customers and develop more practical ways associated with varied business functions and successively leverage resources more optimally and insightfully. This helps businesses be nearer to their objectives and make better decisions. Data mining involves effective data collection, warehousing, and computer processing. For segmenting the information and evaluating the probability of future events, data mining uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

Web Scraping

Web scraping refers to the extraction of information from any website. Web scraping is the methodology where information is collected from desired websites or web pages. Well, web scrapping can also be termed as data extraction or data collection.

Scraping tools and applications, with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), access the World Wide Web (WWW), gather valuable information, and extract it according to your wants. The information is either stored in a central database or it is downloaded for further use on a hard drive.


Well, I guess you would be clear with both the terms. Now let’s see the difference between them.

Web scraping refers to the method of structuring and collecting information from web sources in a more convenient format. It involves no review or processing of the data. Data mining refers to the method of analyzing vast data sets to unleash useful information and patterns. It does not require data processing or data extraction.

Data mining and Web scraping both of them draw from a similar base; however, these methodologies are implemented in various walks of life. For example, data mining is used to extract and transform data from existing websites into a scalable and legible format.

However, web scraping is used to gather content from websites and data from HTML documents, PDF files, and interactive pages. Data mining isn’t regarding extracting information. Web scraping may be used to build the datasets that could be employed in data mining.

I hope this brief helped you to clear your confusion between Data Mining and web scraping.


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