COVID19 – How AI & Data Science is helping fight the pandemic around the world

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Since the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in December ‘19, it was reported quite frequently in the news. But within three months it has created panic among people across the globe, by spreading across 100+ countries with China & Italy leading in the number of cases. Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared COVID-19 as the biggest challenge since World War II. This article deals with the possible measures taken by the governments of developed countries(especially US & China) and tech behemoths across the globe with the help of AI & analytics.  


  • The US government(White House) has announced a project for the first time in which the magnanimous tech companies will collaborate with academicians and researchers to make humungous amounts of research accessible to the AI researchers, Data Scientists, machine learning, deep learning engineers and their algorithms.
  • A hospital in the US made an AI-based health map that would extract data in the form of text data from various online news websites and social media handles to extract data and apply Natural Language Processing(NLP) to conduct text analysis. To be a pro in the aforementioned technique, you need to know the basics of Twitter sentimental analysis.
  • Facebook is working with one of the leading universities of the US to fight coronavirus, while Google’s search data is being used to fight the pandemic.
  • Online competition has been started on the’s largest data science community). The competition named ‘Novel Corona Virus 2019 Dataset’ can be participated by thousands of Data Scientists on Kaggle to give their expertise based on the dataset uploaded. The dataset consists of country-wise datasets to explore and apply machine-deep learning models to it.
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  • China’s search engine Baidu is fully exploiting AI & Big Data to extract data from the online search query and social media conversations related to corona, these methods will help give deep insights to the movement of the pandemic.
  • Baidu’s independent vehicle platform Apollo especially partnered with a self-driving startup named ‘Neolix’ to deliver medical and food supplies to a hospital, so that no manpower is effected in the transportation of supplies.
  • China is making good use of Computer Vision. It has put Computer Vision in its smart surveillance systems and using it for facial recognition to identify if a certain person is suffering from fever or cough or symptoms similar to COVID19. 
  • In short, China has taken up a good amount of measures when it comes to AI to fight coronavirus and the US and every country across the globe affected by it should lookup to China and take note as to how China has exploited AI in order to fight coronavirus using AI. I have mentioned China’s actions in another article.

AI is the technology that will be prominent in the next 2-3 decades and it is in pandemic situations like these that AI will be more useful for the betterment of mankind, to save mankind.


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  1. Rupam Srivastava says:

    Brilliant article. It’s sad that one day AI will be used to fight a pandemic. May god bless the world and give us all strength to fight this global crisis.

  2. It is an amazement that humankind, with all it’s brilliance is unable or finds it vigorously difficult to keep itself safe from cultured dangers. Nevertheless, this is a well informed article for starters. Keep researching. Keep writing. Welcome to Blogging!

  3. Nimisha Dua says:

    This is some amazing work! Who thought centuries back that one day AI would would serve as a life saving tool!

  4. very unique piece of information thanks for sharing it with us


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