Microsoft Launches AI Classroom Series for Students

To develop and upgrade your skills in Artificial Intelligence, the Microsoft AI Classroom Series is a quick and effective start!
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Artificial Intelligence

This whole article will brief you about the necessity and importance of the Microsoft AI Classroom Series but before that let’s have an overview of the concept on which it is based – Artificial intelligence.

We know, Machine Learning is an advanced technology that has revolutionized the industry by training the Machines to work on their own. Now there is no need to spoon-feed the machines! They will work on their own, once trained! This is possible by training the machines with sufficient and quality datasets so that they can draw patterns and trends from it and use it for future analysis of the dataset provided. In this way, machines learn from the sample data sets, how to evaluate output, and then use their learning to evaluate the output of the main dataset provided. 

This requires high efficiency and skilled work because we need to train the machines properly so that they can work on the maximum possible datasets in the future and can draw valuable insight from the data provided to them.

Then comes the biggest boon – Artificial Intelligence which has sowed life in machines! Now machines can think, act, and work like humans! This is the biggest achievement that we have, along with various other technologies like Deep Learning, Big Data, Neural Networks, and much more. Artificial Intelligence has made machines capable of thinking on their own like humans and predict the best possible outcome. 

This is used in various domains like weather forecasting, medicine, diagnosis, security, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and much more. With its demand increasing day-by-day, Artificial Intelligence has covered the whole industry and is growing rapidly!


The major concern currently is the proper way to gain knowledge and gain skills. Thought, this topic is of great concern since the evolution of technology but right now due to pandemic the situation is a bit different. We have billions of aspiring minds, eager to learn, grow, gain more and more qualitative skills and develop but the only question that arises is, “Which is the most beneficial path?”

Though time has brought various upliftment and many companies are trying their best to provide the future pillars with quality information and there are plenty of sources available for enthusiastic learners and developers. Everyone wants to learn from the best! This is also one of the most statistical factors that should be taken into consideration. 

With the evolving technological era, we can have a look that the advancement is at a higher pace, where machines are being trained like humans!

Now, we can see that machines can calculate, predict, and perform operations on their own and they don’t require to be spoon-fed by algorithms for all new cases that they have to evaluate.

We can analyze that data is being cleaned and processed at a faster rate and in an efficient manner and such a high-quality machine that most of the predicted values match the actual outcome. This is like we are predicting the future accurately! 

All this development and achievements have been possible only by the continuous efforts of sharp minds who turned the dream into reality by the introduction of various technologies like data mining, data-preprocessing, big data, data analysis, regression, and much more, constituting the domain of Data Science and Analysis.

This was followed by the technology that made machines self-sufficient, so that manual work can be reduced and it would be possible for us to train machines so that they could work on their own. In this way, Machine Learning came into existence with a bright and larger scope for the industries and the market. 

These were the greatest achievements that resulted in great success and made various nations – Technically Advanced. We began to train machines to work in every sector ranging from business to medical, defense to education, financial to security, and much more!

This had boosted the working capability and reduced time consumption to perform a specific task. Then came the much greater technology that brought life into machines, making them capable to think, work, and act like humans. This was with the introduction of a vast and deeper domain of Artificial Intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, etc. are many advanced and vast topics that have caused a dramatic increase in the technical domain. They have made machines to work like Humans. Now the machines can analyze on their own, just like humans.

This has made the industry come much closer to the demands and requirements of maximum customers as the machines can think from the perspective of maximum customers and provide the most effective and efficient output.

As we have seen the advancements caused by these domains so it is necessary to get familiar with these topics if one is a keen learner and developer as these technologies are used in various domains like data scientist, data analyst, researcher, game developer, graphics developer, scientist, etc.

For making students familiar with these topics, various organizations are doing their best so that they can provide in-depth knowledge of these topics for the novice, intermediate as well as advanced learners. This is done to make the minds ready for the problems and challenges that they are going to face in the future.

A step towards Development by Microsoft

With the aim of the development of learners and skills embedded in them, the esteemed organization – Microsoft has provided a free AI Classroom for the three basic concepts that are required for skills development.

This is one of the biggest platforms provided by Microsoft where willing learners can study from the specialists and solve their doubts. This program consists of three modules which a novice, intermediate or advanced learner, anyone can take and they have provided with sufficient resources for the development and benefit of all the attendees so that they can gain more from the sessions.

This is one of the crucial steps taken by Microsoft during this pandemic, when everyone is seeking proper guidance, Microsoft has come with AI Classroom series so that students can attend the classes at flexible time slots provided.

This is the best step that a student can take as the classes are held by experts with the most valuable topics which will help you to boost your skills and find the best domain for your development and progress. 

By this AI classroom series, Microsoft has come with the idea of networking, where students from all over India can come and learn at a particular platform provided by the experts and solve their doubts. In this platform, students can dive into different approaches and ideas of others so that everyone can think broadly on a topic from different perspectives.

This is one of the biggest benefits of this session. These modules have covered all the essential topics related to Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Cognitive Skills, and much more. 

They have covered all the topics step by step and have provided in-depth explanations of all the concepts which makes it easy to understand and follow.

As they have rightly stated that Students today are the leaders tomorrow! This is the main agenda that they are establishing and is 100% true.

The growing and learning minds today have the capability and capacity to learn the burning concepts and get in detail knowledge so that they can modify it in the future for betterment. This is how technology evolves as to work on it, one needs its proper explanation and hands-on practice so that he/she can work on it in the future!

The detailed information about Microsoft AI Classroom Series is given below, which provides all the necessary information that you should know to enroll for the series that you wish to!

Microsoft AI Classroom Series

As we are heading towards progress, race and competition is obvious and these are the biggest factors that affect the achievement of an individual or an organization. For this, one should be ready with efficient skills, capability, and willingness, only then a person can work in this hefty competitive arena.

For all this, the AI series launched by Microsoft is a great boon for learners. With various domain specialists, one can get the maximum benefit along with the advantage of solving doubts from the experts.

Details of the Program

  • In association with NASSCOM FutureSkills, Microsoft has brought a platform of AI Classroom Series for enthusiastic learners.
  • The goal is to train 1 million students in 12 months.
  • It is supported by GitHub as well.
  • The Classrooms are 2.5 hours long and the series is divided into three important modules covering all the relevant and important topics – Data Science, Machine Learning, and Augmented Skills.
  • The sessions consist of live videos followed by Q&A sessions where the queries will be solved by experts. It provides hands-on lab sessions and after these modules, you will get post-class assignments so that you can check your skills. 
  • In each module, 2 hours are allotted to the live video session and the last 30 minutes are reserved to solve your queries.
  • You will get it free of cost for two weeks.
  • The post-workshop will help the students to prepare for AI certification.
  • Students from all over India can participate in this program and avail the benefits.
  • You should attend all three modules so that you can get in-depth knowledge and maximum skills from the sessions.
  • You can choose your preferred date and time as per the slots provided.
  • Attendance and seat allocation are on a first come first serve basis.

About – Assessments and Certification

  • Post assessments and workshops are required to get your certificates. You will get a link where you have to solve the questions and you will receive a participation certificate after doing that.
  • It will be an MCQ of 30 questions for 20 minutes.
  • The assessment was between 26, October 2020 to 10, November 2020
  • To get a certificate one needs to score more than 80% and is provided three attempts for the same.

Microsoft Azure and GitHub have provided support to students for completing these assessments. 

The three modules – “Data Science Basics and introduction to AI Platform”, “Building Machine Learning Models on Azure” and “Building Intelligent Solutions using Cognitive Services” compromise all the essential topics that one needs to study and gain expertise in, to master in the specific domain. The three modules come with hands-on lab sessions so that one can start creating solutions and solve the coming queries simultaneously as this platform would be new to most of the attendees, who are from all over India.

Intending to teach a million students in months, this initiative taken by Microsoft is appreciable and has opened the doors for maximum willing minds as the event is free of cost and gives live interaction opportunity with experts in all the sessions so that the participants can solve their doubts on time. 

The first module – “Data Science Basics and introduction to AI Platform” covers the basic details of Data Science and Machine Learning. This module starts from basic knowledge about the topics then it moves towards the complexity of data preprocessing and machine learning algorithms. This is quite a good start if a person is new to Data Science and Machine Learning.

In this module, all the concepts are cleared properly and provide an overview of how data in the business world looks like and how to handle and modify it so that it can be further used for analysis or for training the machines to perform tasks on their own, without the regular need to specify the particular algorithm with each new dataset. 

It defines the Data Science life cycle, i.e., how it has been evolved with time and what it represents now. It gives a brief detail about the Data nomenclature, how data is classified and sorted in specific categories and named accordingly so that data cleaning is achieved at a faster rate and in an efficient manner.

This gives a vast idea about the topics. Then come various sub-domains of Data Science and Machine Learning which are quite important to train the different types of machines to work on their own. 

This involves having detailed knowledge of various topics like supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised algorithms. All these topics are covered in this module so that the learner can relate these things in the real world. Then the module ends with an explanation and brief description of – Responsible AI.

This is the main topic from which the journey of Artificial Intelligence starts in the series. Then at the end, each session has fixed the last 20 minutes for questions and answers round for the learners. These are the details of Module 1 in the Microsoft AI Classroom series

The second module – “Building Machine Learning Models on Azure” covers various topics related to Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. For participants who have prior knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, this module is very beneficial and for those who are new to this domain, they can get a brief detail on these topics from Module 1.

This module also covers basic concepts of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence but focuses more on intermediate and advanced topics of these domains. It provides details and information about Azure machine Learning Services with a hands-on lab to practice on the same. It is the most effective and efficient IDE used for machine learning model building.

The module starts with basic concepts and training and moves to more advanced topics as each session goes on. It starts with the Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform, provides its details and functionalities. 

Then the discussion about the no-code or low code development environment goes on. As the demand is to precise the algorithms for shortcodes for memory management and other requirements, they have introduced this platform to make the participants aware of its necessity and ways to achieve it and improve it in the future with their creativity and skills.

After this, they have given the introduction of Azure Machine Learning Services, which is a quite big and advanced platform for Machine Learning with a wide range of functionalities and advantages. This has boosted the building and training of Machine Learning models. 

Then comes the description and necessity of Visual Designer which is explained with proper details and in-depth information, so that the participants would understand it in a better way. Then the last topic of the module – Automated Machine Learning, which is the essential requirement and comes after proper training of the machines with sufficient and quality of sample/input data sets so that they can solve maximum queries or problem statements on their own, without the need of specifying algorithm each time.

This completes the second module along with the last 20 minutes reservation in each session for solving doubts of the participants by the experts of the specific domain.

The third module – “Building Intelligent Solutions using Cognitive Services” covers the final and most essential topics of this AI Classroom series. Azure provides great cognitive services and they have great achievement in the field of Natural Language Processing for creating bots and they specialize in the domain of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

In this module they provide hands-on lab sessions on Azure Cognitive Services, to make the participants familiar with all the functionalities and services that they have in the field of Artificial intelligence when it comes to creating a bot or to provide any particular service related to machine building using machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this way, the audience can learn and understand more about the services and how to use them. 

Then after this, the module heads towards Bot services, which explains all the specific functionalities and services that are required for the same.

Along with this they teach about Q&A Maker, all the related algorithms, services and provide a deep insight into Artificial Intelligence and how it could transform all the current services and its pacing demand in the future. In this also, each session has 20 minutes devoted to solving queries of the participants by the experts.

All the modules cover important topics with live video sessions, Q&A round by experts, and hands-on training which is the best that a learner can get and that too free of cost!

Overall, the initiative taken by Microsoft is of great benefit for all the eager learners, all over India, from where they can start their skills development or enhance the knowledge and skills which they already have.

This will prepare you for the AI certification exam as well. By completing all the post-assessment that you will get and scoring more than 80% in all the assessments, you will get a participation certificate as well. So there are various benefits along with the main goal of learning and gaining skills!

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