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Python hacks 0

10 Amazing Python Hacks (PART-2)

Upvote 15+ The main purpose of this article is to learn(or automate) a few basic things with the help of python. Python is fun when it comes to automating the boring stuff. It enables...

Backpropagation Technique 0

Backpropagation Detailed Explanation

Upvote 7+ This paper describes the working of Backpropagation and its importance and is much faster than several neural networks. Using Backpropagation, we can use neural nets to solve the previously unsolvable problems. Backpropagation...

Introducing Natural Language Processing 5

Introduction to NLP

Upvote 11+ It was a new beginning when computers started to understand the languages that we know! Though it was due to rising technology but the fact was quite fascinating. This all was brought...

Roadmap to Deep Learning in 2021 0

Roadmap to Deep Learning in 2021

Upvote 6+ This article talks about what road map you should follow in order to meet the demand and be successful in the field. Before entering the article check this link to learn Machine... Protection Status