Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Stories of 2020

Artificial intelligence has become a new normal to society. We are growing exponentially day by day. As this year is ending, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence stories of 2020 in this article.
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Google’s Hum-to-search feature

Isn’t it frustrating sometimes when we try to remember a song, but we can’t?  We can’t even search it on google, because we do not know the words, we only remember the tune. If you face the same problem, then be ready to hear good news. Google has launched this Hum-to-search feature in October 2020, where you can hum, whistle, or sing a melody and google will identify the song for you. Sounds good! Even humans couldn’t understand other people’s humming and recognize the song, but this is now possible with the help of machine learning.

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The 5-storey walking building

Have you ever imagined a large building walking? No, This is something beyond our imagination but it has come to reality now. This happened in Huangpu District, Shanghai, where an 85-year old primary school building needed to be relocated so that a new structure can be built in its place. About 198 mobile robots were installed beneath the structure. The robotic legs moved up and forward, mimicking the human walk. This building moved about 60-62 meters in 18 days. 

Japanese Virtual Convocation

Due to coronavirus, this year almost every gathering and events were either canceled or held virtual. But Business Breakthrough University in Tokyo conducted their graduation ceremony in a very different and creative manner. They used the remotely controlled, customizable avatar, ANA Group’s “Newme” robot, These avatars were wearing the typical graduation caps and gowns and had a tablet in place of a face. As the name of the student is called, the avatar would walk towards to take the degree, and the respective student’s face is shown within the tablet through the zoom call. In this manner, Students have virtually experienced the graduation ceremony.


In April 2020, Invento Robotics launched C-Astra, which is considered to be a smart LiDAR robot. The main purpose of this robot is to help in screening patients and disinfecting areas during the hard times of coronavirus this year. Hence it can be considered as a semi-automatic robot that is being used to fight coronavirus.  C-Astra uses thermal cameras to record the temperature of the body and UVC light to disinfect buildings.

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Dance by Boston Dynamics robots

Ever saw a robot dancing? Boston Dynamics made it possible with their robots which can dance like trained humans. All three robots were made to gracefully dance to the tunes of “Do You Love Me”. This was considered a “Happy new year” dance by Boston Dynamics. Apart from dancing these robots are well trained in many other fields also, and the company surprises the audience from time-to-time with the performance of their robots.

Moxie robot

Have you ever thought of an animated companion for yourself in childhood? Perhaps everybody would have and AI is making our such unrealistic dreams come true. Technology company Embodied has launched a robot companion for children that uses machine learning and the SocialX platform to perceive and interact. Moxie is a social robot that is designed with the main aim to promote social, emotional, and cognitive development. It uses the concept of everyday play-based learning and captivating content. Moxie is built with advanced machine learning and it keeps learning with the behavior of the surroundings.  

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Blender- Facebook’s AI chatbot

Facebook AI has declared the open-source release of its chatbot Blender on April 29th this year. This open-domain chatbot is considered to be the largest to date as it consists of 9.4 billion parameters. This chatbot has a unique blending of skills. The fundamental contrast between the other chatbots and Blender is that Blender is able to assume a persona, show empathy, and can communicate about any theme. It is considered to be better than google’s chatbot “Meena” in terms of performance.

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Scroobly App is Google’s other interesting experiment this year. It is powered by TensorFlow.js. With the help of Facemesh and PoseNet machine learning models, this app manages to map our live motion to our doodle. That means without even writing a code, you can create your animated digital creature. It’s a fun app.

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L’oreal’s beauty device ‘Perso’

Perso is a 3-in-1 product for personalized beauty, built with Artificial intelligence. The Smart AI system allows users to create personalized formulas for skincare, lipstick, and foundation. Perso’s sleek device is 6.5 inches high and weighs about a pound. It uses a four-step process and provides spontaneous beauty formulas.

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Microsoft has released Lobe, which is a free desktop application available for Windows and Mac. Lobe allows users to create customized Artificial intelligence models without any code or experience. Doesn’t it sound like an interesting app? This app would surely save our time and efforts.

As of now it only supports image classification, but Microsoft says that other features(support for other neural networks) will be released very soon.

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So, there are many more AI success stories of 2020, but these are the more innovative ones. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you know any such success stories then let us know in the comment section. 

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