Top 5 Kaggle datasets to practice NLP

The Natural Language Processing community is growing rapidly with enthusiastic and creative minds. The technical minds are developing various new algorithms to do effective and accurate sentiment analysis, voice recognition, text translation, and much more. To kick-start this, various platforms provide the initiation. Kaggle is one of the biggest platforms for all such technicians.

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We always browse the internet to get the particular data that we require. Whether it would be for reference, practice, or any other work, we are always in search of a platform that would meet our requirements. There are plenty of platforms with a huge amount of datasets for us to carry our research.

You all might have heard of various online platforms with top free datasets. Kaggle is one of them, being the most popular platform for data scientists, machine learning, and artificial intelligence enthusiasts. Currently, there is a tremendous amount of work going on in the field of data science, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and much more.

For all this, it is required that the learner should start from the resources that he requires. These resources contain the platform to proceed on and another important thing is the dataset on which the work is to be done. Choosing the right dataset is very essential for a beginner. When we start learning, we might face the problem of selecting a dataset.

This is because the dataset that is available online may be incomplete or may have noisy data. Also, the data you select should have the particular attributes and datatype that you require. For this, you need a platform that would provide you with an ample amount of datasets with all the required features. Kaggle being one of the widely used platforms provides a huge amount of datasets with various features.

Here we will discuss the top 5 datasets to practice Natural Language Processing provided by Kaggle. These datasets might just be the ones that you all have been looking for. So we will go through them but before that, it is important to note that natural language processing is highly in demand. There are various projects already been made with the use of natural language processing.

The domain of natural language processing covers a broad range of other domains and technologies. It requires a high amount of research and qualitative study. There are wide applications of natural language processing. It includes the creation of a chatbot, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, machine translation, text translation, auto-correct, error detection, and much more.

First, you need to classify the application that you are going to implement, and depending on that there are a lot many datasets available in Kaggle for you to start your journey. So below are the top 5  datasets that may help you to start your research on natural language processing more effectively and efficiently. In this way, the Kaggle community serves the future scientists and technicians.

1. COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19)

The current pandemic situation is a burning topic everywhere. There is a lot of research going on the study of that virus as well as on the ways to prevent and kill it. This brings the attention of all the technologies into account to develop such a model that could detect, prevent, eliminates this virus and its effects. 

This needs great attention ad efforts of all the data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts to study and deploy a model that could help to achieve the above-mentioned goal. With the use of natural language processing, the dataset formed can be used as an input to get the brief details as well as the base to design a required model.

The dataset – COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19), aims to collect all the resources like articles, journals, researches, that have been done on this coronavirus. This brings all the datasets to a single platform. In this way, it becomes easy for a scientist to have a deep insight into the data that is being collected from different sources.

With this dataset in hand, one can apply a proper natural language processing algorithm to get the desired output. This with the help of proper artificial intelligence algorithms and deep learning algorithms can give rise to a supermodel that could compute and evaluate with high accuracy and with nearly zero latency.

In this way, we can approach the current problem most efficiently. This dataset is quite useful if one wants to research the COVID-19 case. This contains all the necessary attributes and is properly sorted so that the user will understand it easily. It is the best dataset for study, research, and making a model using natural language processing on the COVID-19 case.

It contains:

  • Target_tables
  • Cord_19_embeddings
  • Document_parsers
  • Json_schema.txt
  • Metadata.csv

Including a READE file. The data has numerical, categorical, and graphical values. It has a usability value of 8.8 which is good.

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2. Yelp Dataset

This dataset is related to business, marketing, reviews, dealing with user requirements, and similar stuff. This dataset is generally created from the Yelp company’s business, reviews, etc. It has a record of the user data as well. By using this data, one can start research and model development in the field of business and marketing.

This dataset gives a clear understanding of the different approaches of the user towards the final output provided by a company. It reflects the ideology of the user, his perspective, approach, and so on. This is a perfect blend of the services available in an organization, user requirements, and feasible approaches.

It contains a large data set that is collected from a wide range of areas consisting of 4 countries. This business covers 11 metropolitan areas in these countries and in this way, it provides a deep insight into the real-time time that is needed for evaluation while working on a business model.

Hence, if you want to do hands-on natural language processing in the business domain then this dataset is perfect. You can also make a long-term project using this dataset and it would be very beneficial for you. 

It contains:

  • Dataset_Agreement.pdf
  • Yelp_academic_dataset_business.json
  • yelp_academic_dataset_checkin.json
  • yelp_academic_dataset_review.json
  • yelp_academic_dataset_tip.json
  • yelp_academic_dataset_user.json

It has usability of 7.5 which is pretty good.

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3. Intel Image Classification

If you need image data as input then this is the best dataset that you have been looking for. This dataset consists of images only. The main purpose of this dataset is the classification of multiple classes in an image. This dataset focuses on the classification part when it comes to the image dataset.

The image data that is included in this dataset is of nature. It consists of natural scenes all over the world. There are various images of different properties that might be required for further processing. Here, using this dataset, the user can do image classification using natural language processing. It is an awesome idea.

As the input data contains only images, therefore, the user must understand the dataset properly. Only then he would be able to effectively utilize the data.

It contains:

  • Seg_pred
  • Seg_test
  • Seg_train

In this way, it contains test data to test the model, training data to train the model, and predicted data to check whether the model is functioning correctly or not. In this way, it is one of the most effective datasets provided by Kaggle with usability of 7.5

To get the dataset – Click Here

4. 1.88 Million US Wildfires

This dataset is all about wildfire records. It contains a huge amount of records based on the same. From 1992 to 2015 all the wildfire records of the United States are maintained in this dataset. By collecting information from all the levels of the political party, like state, local, etc. organizations, this data was collected. 

This dataset includes every detail related to a particular wildfire like the size of the fire, start date, end time, start time, area lost, other loss, etc. The errors were removed by verifying the data from various sources. The dataset was created to support and encourage the National Fire Program Analysis (FPA).

So, if you are willing to read such a dataset and draw some conclusions related to the solution then this is the best dataset provided by Kaggle. It contains almost all the required attributes related to wildfires. This might result in the invention of a marvelous solution with the help of natural language processing. 

It contains various files with usability of 8.2 which is quite good.

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5. Deep-NLP

This is one of the most useful datasets for natural language processing. It is associated with deep natural language processing (Deep-NLP). This dataset is quite good and will give you a kick-start if you want to make a fabulous model using natural language processing.

This dataset consists of two .csv sheets. The first one contains the data of a chatbot. It is a therapy chatbot. It contains the questions and responses of the chatbot and the user. It provides useful and valuable information.

The second sheet contains data related to the user. It contains the resume of the applicant. Here the person applying for an interview stores his resume. Hence, we get a dataset consisting of resumes.

It contains:

  • Sheet1.csv
  • Sheet2.csv

It is a high-quality dataset with a usability of 8.2

To get the dataset – Click Here

Kaggle provides many more datasets with high votes and usability like:

In this way, Kaggle provides top quality datasets on natural language processing as well as on other domains like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data, neural networks, and much more.

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