7 Disruptive AI startups to look forward to this decade

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By 2020, the world knows about Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the impact it will bring in our lives as well as in the lives of entrepreneurs to make faster and accurate business decisions. It’s true that there is no AI without data, this makes data as the new oil or the new gold in our lives. There are tons of petabytes of data being generated every day by the end-user, all thanks to the apps of our smartphones, with huge amounts of data being generated every day, this generating of a large amount of data will pave way for AI professionals as well as AI professionals too. 

Professionals and bloggers talk about a lot of demand for Data Scientists and AI professionals. The demand is there and it’s surely going to continue after the lockdown, the demand will surge upwards, which has also paved the way for AI or data entrepreneurs.

People are investing a lot in the AI sector, with the advent of AI technologies like Machine Learning(ML), Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing(NLP), Computer Vision(CV), etc, it has opened the gates to new ideas and research purposes. By 2030, it is no doubt that AI will become a multi-trillion dollar industry with tech behemoths like Google, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc already investing a lot in AI. 

In this article, we have listed 7 promising AI-startups that might become the next big thing, with three of them already in the unicorn segment, here is a list below:-

Data Robot

This Boston-based startup, which is now a unicorn, recently received a Series E funding of $200 million in the month of December. It is one of the successful AI startups in the US. The breakthrough product of Data Robot is its AutoML application named Visual AI. In Visual AI, one has to drag & drop the image or images in the Visual AI platform, remember images should be loaded in a zip file, it will start the data exploration, automatically train the model, evaluate the accuracy of the model, tune & tweak the model, and finally help the end-user to deploy and monitor, making it much easier for the Data Scientists.


It is known to be one of the first unicorn AI-startups of the world and currently, the most valued AI-startup of the world, with a valuation of $7 billion, SenseTime, is well on the way of becoming one of the most influential startups of the world. It started with its SAAS product DeepID, which is a Computer Vision product used for facial recognition, with the core focus on security. Started in 2014, SenseTime has achieved a lot within a very less time frame and is already one of the unicorn behemoths to reckon with.

Biobot Analytics

This Massachusetts based AI and analytics startup uses the poop in the sewers of the localities to identify whether the locality is affected by COVID-19 or not, with AI being used in the applications of Bio-Technology, this startup surely makes the list of one of the most influential startups to look out for in this decade. For more info related to this project, click here.


Another unicorn, another biotech based AI startup makes the list, its UK-based. One of the biggest AI startups in Europe, currently having a valuation of over $1.6 Billion. It’s major works or applications are the development of drugs to fight nerve disorder, it received a funding of $115 million in April 2018.

John Snow labs

One of the healthcare AI startups that have gained immense popularity in recent months is John Snow Labs. The name is based on one of the most prominent characters of Television, one of the most-watched(certainly below Ramayana) shows on TV, Game of Thrones, their main SAAS product is an open-source library, SPARK NLP, a state of the art NLP library. The current work and the number of accolades John Snow Labs has got, make it stand firmly in the list.


Another open-source AI platform company that has a product named DriverLess AI. The basic motive to introduce this product is to make every business or company AI-driven. It’s an Indian startup based in India, received a funding of $72 million last year, they also have an AutoML platform quite analogous to the AutoML of Data Robot.

Hawk-eye innovations

Founded in 1999, the parent company of Hawk-eye innovations is Sony Corporation. It is one of the most innovative AI-based sports company. The company is solely based on Computer Vision, it helps monitor various aspects during the play on the field, be it football or tennis. The major key point in this sports based company is, it can judge a player’s injury on the field with the help of Computer Vision. It can also come in handy for medical diagnosis as well as in the healthcare segment.


Looking above at the 7 aforementioned links one can easily conclude and analyze that this 2020-2029 decade will certainly see the rise in Robot(AI) based software, especially the AutoML companies are more likely to go for Robot baes software in the near future. Out of seven, six of the startups mentioned in the list are based on AutoML and Computer Vision, which surely concludes that these two techniques or SAAS are going to lead the future of AI in the market, with market size of multi-trillion dollars, it’s not a distant thing to say that AI will be used by almost all businesses. Stay safe, stay home, read, repeat.


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